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Triangle (Full-length, 2018)

1. After All
2. Maslow Was Right
3. Waiting for the End
4. Judgment Day
5. Bottomless
6. Misguided Desires
7. Spread Like A Plague
8. All in Vain
9. No One Will Remember
10. Their Parasitic Dreams
11. As They Rot Away
12. In the Wasteland

After All

All ends with depravity when you commit
Sentence of death you earn

Give me their heads with tongues pulled out all the way down
Sacrifice their blood to the throne of crown
I'll pay for their crimes you'll frown upon
Pour the blood on my gown, drown me

Destroy was all we did
We are the partners in crime
Full of anger, irresponsible act falls on your neck
Now you die away

Can you blame someone for betrayal inevitable
'Cause you did unspeakable things we will never forgive?
No one ever forgets

Pride ends with no glory when you forfeit
Decapitation you will receive
Die away, no one by your side
Spill the blood on my eyes, drown me

Maslow Was Right

Days of triumph
You believe in self-deception
Controlled elevation and certain crash
You think you'll escape the pain?

Every day we choose to survive, it repeats again
Love and hate are so redundant
Do you even feel yourself?

Burn the earth
Can you squash all your weak points you protect so well?
Slay them all
Are you willing to die in a room with all doors shut?

Climbing the ladders
We feel the need to get on the bandwagon
To take the unpredictable chance
We fall for eloquent lies

Every day we choose to create excuses to fake
Gorgeous lies are so effective
In faking clumsy truths

Hiding yourself

Locked in illusion cause you love yourself too much
Morbid lies

Waiting for the End

Why's it so heavy in my heart?
Convicted, I inspected all my past
I was drowning in myself
I'm falling down in the ashes of my pride
Suffocating in my own filth

Becoming grey just like others, I start to stop thinking at all

Keeping, dreaming was never enough
Keeping my mind, it was way harder than I thought
Looking for the way, everyone's so loud
Losing is so easy when drawn to the sound

Are you there? Will you not fail?
I'm standing on the apex of my failure
My goals, my life that used to be there are now nowhere to be found

This city is swarming with hate
Letí»s fuck it one last time
I don't care if there's no hope, my friends
Here we go

Dreaming was never enough
Keeping my mind, it was way harder than I thought

You know I will never change

Looking for the way, everyone's so loud
Losing is so easy when drawn to the sound

Are you there? Will you not fail?
I'm standing on the apex of my failure
My goals, my life that I had, lost in the waves, are nowhere to be found

Judgment Day

Tears break on my palm, bleaching my hands
Wounds that never heal like dangling strands, unsatisfied demands

Time will pass, if you realize or not
It's impossible to find the solution
The absolute that we've never found out
The perfect authority you're searching for

We feel lost, torn and frayed on the trails of time
Stay with me, we're all trapped in your state of mind

My head's a mess like what I'm saying
This endless perdition
Barely keeping alive, being more and more insane
It's like time wears me out

Time slips through my fingers
Just like an hourglass without a ceiling
Eating the sand, I breathe the war
My eyes are blurred

The absolute you're searching for
That we have never found
The answer, the answer, is obsolete
The absolute you're searching for, forever gone, never comes

We feel lost, torn and frayed on the trails of time
Stay with me, we're all trapped in your state of mind


As I'm sitting on this chair like twenty years ago
I feel powerless and disappointed
Though I just started out, boredom fills me up without a warning
Maybe cooling off is the sign of the end point

Do you think your life means something?
Do you wish to be remembered?
I'd rather choose to be forgotten

Clock's ticking, it's my responsibility not to be blamed
Nothing, nothing can be set before decision's to be made

I can't concentrate, it keeps getting harder and harder to control
Small distractions shuts me down from the beauty of the world
Reality keeps pushing me away into virtuality, the end of dishonest ones

All my life was misled when I tried
All I got was mislaid when I tried

Clock's ticking, it's my responsibility not to be blamed
Nothing, nothing can be set before decision's to be made
Clock's ticking, I feel nothing but an illusion where I control my fate
Nothing, nothing can be seen when I need it the most

Misguided Desires

This is not what I was
My legs are numb with a lost sense of reason
This is not a revelation
It's been always there, buried in graveyards of my heart

You took away from me
This life of revolution

That I thought was gonna start in my own hands
A false sense of accomplishment I felt all along

Every corner I face my mistakes
My life of dead end race
I know you'll ask me why I believe a loser's dream

Run past me like a stranger
Deep inside alone, I know what it means
Yet I will be a blasphemer
I will break the shell, I'll leave from those days I sinned

Every time I realized the light was gone, illusion was all I had
Breaking the shackles of life, I'll be able to see it without no light

The only one falls down as it triggers the sound
I'm the one to take it away
Destined for a life of the fallen hopes
A life of the fallen hopes

Spread Like A Plague

Catching the moment, I am caught in my past
What I have followed and what I've swallowed were shells of non-existence
I am mortified by the fact that I gave nothing to contribute
To the world that runs so fast
And I've been here wasting everything

You say I'm lost anyway
All these efforts have turned away from me
Existence is no more
I wasn't there, I was a loser after all
From my heart I confess I'm nothing more than a cherry picker
Exit from the lies, we're floundering in this pool of our own faults

Catching the freight train, bound for nowhere fast without confidence
Unnecessary burden
What have I done? What difference did I make?

Oh, my presence fades
I am here but ain't here, I see you but you're not there
There is no page to read
It doesn't matter, I'm carried to where the train goes

Will you tell me to give up?
Can I go back and try again?

Why did I have to go along this way?
Finally, can I be able to change?
How did I leave myself not to stay pure?
How can I undo mistakes from the past?

All in Vain

War, war is in your path
These dead souls' grudge is what you're to blame for
Fanatic spirits running in your veins

See your delusional empire burn us all
On the corpse of your dead emperor I'll drink his blood

Rotting inside out
Your powerless will and blind obedience, deprived of real existence
Hollow, you're hollow empty shells
Fantasizing overpassed dream, cunning rats devoid of conscience

See your delusional empire burn us all
On the corpse of your dead emperor I'll drink his blood

There's no pity for cowards afraid to look back

No One Will Remember

I'm sick of playing games
Cut this down
Damn it, I'm done with fooling myself
Thinking I'm invincible, which I am not
Fabricating convenient facts and making up fake versions of me

I feel no more, I hear nothing but inner voices
Craving more, higher purpose, greatness without right price

You want to be godlike, untouchable, the higher power
Sacrificing others, whatever the price except true efforts
Why do you think your motherfucking will would move the universe? Wake up

Break it, break your shell, pull the trigger yourself now
Are you afraid of the shame because you're so fucking weak?
No more excuses

Time to crack, tear down the wall
The one-way mirror you stay inside
Your fragile glass device
Shitting all the feelings you cannot process

Feel like I'm the main cast, failing to see the world from outside
(Despise) Sick realization that I am no longer who I knew
Selfish little prick, bastard, useless trash

Whatever the way I'm made, I'm trying to feel the others' pain
The shame, the distance I need to understand
I'm searching for a new way
Searching for the new way, searching for the new way

Their Parasitic Dreams

Death's not reversible, suicide's an art that stems from ultimate lust
I sense your guilty pleasures and cunning traps

Peace can't last forever when your basic need is threatened
I see the triangle is broken
Your desire unleashes

Become your greatest work
Torture, turn yourself into art
I know you'll scream for me

"There is but one truly serious philosophical problem and that is suicide" (A. Camus)
Beautiful death and genuine self-love
I give you the chance to complete yourself

Justice is forgotten, oh your words
Your blood and purpose, your final

Justice is easily forgotten when your basic need is threatened
Your words, your blood and your final, your dead end

Torture, turn yourself into art
I know you'll scream for me
Prepare to die for the magnificent carnival
Go back home

This is how you die, you cocksucker
For you I'll open the gates of hell
Fucking rot in pain

As They Rot Away

Hide, conceal yourself into this house
It's a test, you won't feel your life draining out
Buried, lost in dust just like your end, ruined
Fire burns, you scream for help and no one comes
No one will hear you scream

I'm fed up with endless lies
Deceive everyone, but don't you try to answer me
Tie yourself up so that you can't move, don't move
Wimping pulse and little adventure of yours will soon end

Look over the west, the end of the world
Your fate is in your own hands

Oh lord, can't you see there's nothing left in your world
See maggots hatch and fill the ground, laying the land to waste

In the Wasteland

Wasted, here I'm lost, I am dying and resurrected
Waking up, I am falling through the rupture
What the fuck is that face?

Hey ho, let's go
Hey ho, let's go

Oh, tormentor, get me out from this sentence
Oh, inventor, tell me what you are

No, stop showing it to me
The fucking head with a nameless face
Why does it smile to me? Why?

Every night, chasing the ghost made of stones
I, I can't do this anymore
Somebody help, end this war
Stop blaming me, don't look, no more gore

Why am I here in this goddamn disaster?
Everyone is so indifferent caring for nothing
Oh, but why?
Raping, murder, arson, assault, and fraud I watch decompose into the sand

Lost my way, is this the MIA?
Feeling inside out, oh, should I hang my head?
I don't see it
Those mistakes are all wasted, even not FYA
How can I feel my worth?
Or would you unbury it from my heart?

Bioshock (EP, 2015)

1. Bioshock
2. The Truth Remains
3. Positive
4. Positive (Acoustic)


Who did call himself a god?
You're no fucking god

You're just nothing, an awful weakling
But a life form of rage and fear
With intelligence and insatiable greed
And nothing else

너의 끝없는 자만이 만들어낸 폐허
그 속에 모두가 헤엄치고 있어
끝없이 쏟아내는 절망의 발전소
교착의 고름을 빨아먹는 욕망의 교도소

Whose fault is this failure of control?
False dawn, False dawn, No fear, no hope
Have we ever known how we're supposed to be?
False dawn, False dawn, No fear, no hope

It's time to give ourselves a shock
Same fucking shock

어차피 말해봤자 몰라
알아도 달라질 건 없어
Failure taught us how to mend
The stupidity and pride of us

Have we ever known who we were supposed to be?

The Truth Remains

Getting tired of conflicts among ourselves
Living in secrets, mocking everyone
Running into the state of unknown fear
Making your partners a laughing stock, what will you gain?

Can you trust anyone in your life?
Do friends last forever until you die?
Can you keep your brothers' promise?

Sick and tired of this bullshit
I will never give a shit to their logic
This is the way we live
Have a faith in yourself
Finally the true brothers will remain
This is the way we live

Feeling confused in a so-called organization
Hollow leaders stretching fingers to everything
We're the victims or sometimes the oppressors
In the morning, are you content with your life?

Can you trust anyone in your life?
Do friends last forever until you die?
Can you keep your brothers' promise?
Do we have someone worthwhile to remember?

Here we go

Have a faith in yourself
Finally the true brothers will remain
This is the way we live


나 이 터널 속 끝이 보이지 않는 그곳
자신감을 잃고서 끝없이 자문하고 있네

Heartless thoughts resurrecting everyday
Filled up with negative thoughts that never help me in any way

Falling into deep inside alone
I never want to feel this way
You know it will remain
Breathing one last time, I'll see you when it's over

난 선택하지 못해 첫 단추를 잘못 끼웠다는 후회
오지 않을 것 같은 결말 난 인내심을 잃었어

Aimless thoughts resurrecting everyday
Living without conviction, can't help second guessing myself

Falling into deep inside alone
I never want to feel this way
You know it will remain
Breathing one last time, I'll see you when it's over

Positive (Acoustic)

Falling into deep inside alone
I never want to feel this way
Falling into deep inside alone
I never want to feel this way
You know it will remain
Breathing one last time, I'll see you when it's over

Land of Abomination (Full-length, 2013)

1. Explore
2. Writings on the Wall
3. Cave
4. Genocide
5. Baptism
6. Decay
7. Descent
8. Hell
9. Genesis
10. In the Name of God
11. Waterworld
12. Solemnity (Epilogue)


I woke up
I opened my eyes in the middle of nowhere
Nothing in sight, there was only me lying on the sand in this endless shore

I sailed an enormous ocean filling me vision of what I'll become
I dreamed a giant roller carried me into the deepest of sea

The wave of Poseidon carried me into the sanctuary

Explore the new world, the place where Heaven and Earth fucking collide
Fucking collide

I feel so unreal

This place surrounding me is the arena of my journey
What is there over the mountains and beyond the horizon?
There is no help I even cannot find bodies of my crews
I stand alone, ready to struggle against my perilous fate

Writings on the Wall

파도가 쓸고 간 곳에 떠오르는 패턴
말로 표현할 수 없는 기묘한 표현
나를 감싸고 있어

빛나는 암벽을 향해 줄이은 행렬
끊어질 듯 갈라져 대지를 감싸며
빛은 눈을 떴네

선명해진 패턴은 나의 몸을 휘감고
나의 움직임에 계속 반응하며 변화를 거듭해갔고
사라지지 않는 빛, 눈을 감아도
살을 파고드는 문자, 읽지 않아도

몸이 떠오르는 것이 느껴져
고개를 들어 암벽을 바라봐
빛의 장막이 벌어지며
암흑의 입이 열리는 것을 봐

사라지지 않는 빛, 눈을 감아도
살을 파고드는 문자, 읽지 않아도
어둠 속으로 잠들어
꾸었던 것은 끝없는 나락으로 떨어지는 꿈


Now I was standing in darkness again
Feeling the coldness emerging from the arcane pit

Absence of vision clouded sight and hearing
Only the sensation of touch was living in cold blood

Slicing turbulent flesh
Turning into burning ash
Death to my fate

Running into the corridors of deceased souls
Not knowing where this darkness leads to (Death)
I felt the pain of the demons as I sliced them into pieces
Not knowing which part of me was still alive

Slicing turbulent flesh
Showering warm blood
Inhaling foul flood of decadence
Turning into burning ash mixed with my flesh and condemned soul
Showering warm blood
Inhaling foul flood of decadence

This is fucking out of control

Slicing turbulent flesh
Turning into burning ash
Showering warm blood
Inhaling foul flood of decadence
Death to my fate

쏟아져 내렸던 그건
빛이 아닌 어둠


I floated in the middle of the fucking darkness
Uprising flow underneath my shade of malevolence
Harpies over my head with grins, which are so sad
Perish of moral sense and putrid souls in their breasts

Do you hear it?
This sound of massacre
This is genocide
Slashing never ends

I kept ascending through the pouring rain of blood staining the wall of disdain

Screams of the falling dead rang in my head
Self had been lost in that cave

I'll destroy fucking core of rotting disguise
Until I purify this condemned flies

Colors of the fluid diffused into my memories full of odds
This cleansing had to continue
Dire, disgusting fate

Screams of the falling dead
Self had been lost in that fucking cave

There's no fuckin?place to hide
No humanity was left for me to save


Blood ran down my face
The pieces of dying flesh fell into black haze
I climbed up this hideous hole of death
Putrid scent saturated my breath
Dead pieces of demons I saw in pillars of light
Then it became a rope tying me into fixation

I saw the vapor condense into red clouds full of blood

붉은 비에 씻겨가는 내 모든것
살가죽은 벗겨져 내 자신을 드러내
My skin started melting away with the red fluid
It was so strange to feel nothing at all

Red dermis exposed to light thickening in gruesome form

Awakened by acute pain, I kept screaming
I kept screaming

There was no movement despite killing pain
I could not close my eyes despite blinding light
This one message the pain delivered me
Only through slaughter I could retrieve myself
Torn, burning soul, losing sense, descending down
I saw everything clear There was the fallen crown
Death... death!
Torn, burning soul, losing sense, descending down


In the sky, my memory snapped
Suddenly, hollowness filled my inside
I watched blood over my body entirely collapse
The surrounding started to divide

Fathomless deep, the dark cloud of fucking decay
Now it was rising up, spreading out to the ocean

Stench from the boiling surface impaired everything
Depraving minds of greedy virtuous notion
We go down

Oh, mouth with tongue, flesh and bone, yeah
Falling down into the mouth with tongue waiting for my flesh and bone
A tongue darting from the gaping hole, I feared for death

Decay My fate just went astray
Never obey No matter how I got torn away
On this day I stood on my way

To be honest, I feared for death


Life is a train of decadence
I saw my shadow of my existence cast on the ocean
It was laughing from a great distance
Devoured smile did not make sense

Lapsing into unconsciousness
Shell of identity was ever lost

Death comes into my lung
Burning the soul which was merely unsung
Fade into pure, pitch black
The color, which consumes literally everything

Lapsing into unconsciousness
Shell of identity was ever lost
Witnessing the world without righteousness
I was devoured by eternal curse

Restraint of light just vanished, dropping me from the red sky
I felt my soul burning out
My eyes exploded, but visions still remained
This was the end of my life

Straight down to the inferno
Through the decaying sea of foe
'Twas open wide
Full of wrath


Dying, I was beyond fucking dead
Saw all burn
There was nothing left to disguise
Unleashed myself to wrath

Another victim fell from the sky
Fest for the wrath and lust was about to begin
Pit of the flesh and castle of bones
I witnessed them expand

I felt horrid clamor more than I could imagine
Heat of the otherworld with a chill under my skin
Sanity was not an option

You have to know when is right time to harvest one with a soul
Bit more, bit more
Patience always pays back

Dead eyes covered with grease
Same recurring nightmare

Perpetual butchering
Dripping flesh in my hand
Severing demons' heads
It was time for violence

Through the halls of pure malevolence
I found a way out of this dungeon
Where fire ceased to illuminate
A pair of eyes with gaze of fate
"You shall not pass, you shall not"

I slayed those gaze of fate with my trembling hands
Walking out through the gate of hell
I couldn't forget

I couldn't believe what I saw

Divine genesis


Initiation of the self, creation of trauma
Scorching all the living things, relapsed into divergence
My vision of the torturous fate
The countless dead ringers rushed upon my face
In this field of the silence, I was on my knees
Watching the headless bodies puke all over the place

This is abomination
My fate of devastation

This replication of dead mind divides itself forever
무력히 방관할 뿐인 내정신의 미약한 기저

Memories of fear and failure turned me into a fiend
Darkness diverges from the slaver of the walking dead

Reproduction of the blank unconsciousness
Summoning hollow clones, sprawled into the surface
The blood was falling from the sky
Consolidation was the last thing I remember

This is abomination
My fate of devastation
This is abomination
Divine genesis
Divine genesis

I found finally the root of all evil that has driven me into confusion
That was something I've buried, rather than kill it
Now it was dissipating and reaching out its hand to me
There I saw the foundation of myself, and I became

In the Name of God

Disclosing every wound, the world showed its true color
In my hand was the power to destroy what you've prayed for
I am god of perish, the prowler
You reap what you sow

Watch this now
Watch this burning heaven in my eyes
Feel the pain now
Feel the pain as you fucking slowly die

There was only destruction of all those orchestration
The demons, which survived, begged for their lives
Killing with emotion was never involved in the process
Absolute death was the ultimate fate

Agony and pain
Until the tortured can feel no more
Until there is nothing left to fall

Colors from another world tore and shattered everything
Blood shining with the reflection spattered over my hollow body
This is real
Feel this true fear

You will die by the hand of catastrophe
You will die by the hand of god!

Ravished earth cracked opened
Dripping her blood
Boiling water flowed
End of war


This is waterworld, where everything's set to zero
Every thought, feeling, and object falls beneath the surface
The battle is over now
And my triumph starts to fade away

Sinking down to water

It's hard to feel oneself awake
Looking for a reflection on the water that's crystal clear

Nothingness makes you doubt

Question of if it's real
The answer's in the water

I am watching sea cover the battlefield

The end of my fear

Is this what's gonna be?
Light fades from my way
I fall into dementia
Is this triumph?

In darkness I find peace
Darkness, I realize

Solemnity (Epliogue)

These might be the last words you'll ever hear of me
'Cause my shape almost disappeared completely
Material was already gone a long time ago
Only faint stain of spirit's floating around slowly

Night falls into the darkest path
Where I can only find peace
Light comes back to the fading death
Then I get slowly deceased

Genocide and destruction seem to have
Taken place a thousand years ago
But my existence lies regardless of space and time

Slowly dies away
Repentless soul stays
No grave, no shame, no prayer

I managed to get through hell and confront my true self
Everyone has who's nature but luckily never meets it
I remember slaughtering and morbid carnage
It doesn't feel real anymore now

I will be gone from this world with no regret
I dissipate into nil
There is nothing left, My spirit fades now
I feel no fear

I know the world I knew doesn't exist anymore
Maybe it already ended before I opened my eyes in the shore
At first, my curiosity was what made me explore
Finally, it ended up being what can never be restored

Noeazy vs. Gates of Hopeless (Split, 2012)

1. Shadow
2. Rome
3. The Grand Eager
4. Black Blossom



You're running on your bear toes
I spit on your father's grave
Your cunning artifice went fail, when I returned

This is the end of your days, immaculate

No matter how fast you run away
you cannot outrun your own fucking shadow

I'm digging into the heart of soil
All the faults of yourself disclose
My feeling for this is nothing but pity for your vile cause

The fact you've done is now taking its tall
the price what you'll pay that I will take

This is the end of your days
See what you made and bow
This is the end of your days, full of foul filth

Oh, full of foul filth

Run, run, run, you, fucking pig
Cry for your dead mama

"No matter how fast you run away, you cannot outrun your shadow.
Your shadow disappears only in the shade." - 장자(Zhuangzi)

Pain, now we share
We run together fucking forever

I smell death on your face
Your time's running out, but I'll stay with you


I found myself floating in the sea of experience
Vacantly seeing the walls of billows to discovery
Wetted and bludgeoned, feeling so hopeless
I closed my eyes to evade the mystery

Fear suspended in my dreams
I wrestled with the emptiness Blindfolded by the uniform ghosts with severed tongues

Endless thirst for wisdom to understand
Timeless hunger for talent to create my world

I am standing in the silence Striving to break these seamless walls around me
I'll destroy the walls and dive into the mystery And I'll die at my post

What's avail is being stagnant?
I'll escape from my past and move forward

I see through the cracks
The light and the darkness swallow all the dregs inside
Pulling me out to the mystery

Break the walls
Strike it hard

I am standing in the silence Watching the walls fall apart in front of me
The endless thirst and the timeless hunger
Will never cease until I die at my post

The Grand Eager

Rising above through pain, we'll never be satisfied
The way is never ending quest, thorough inquisition
I've risen from the ignorance with no sense of fear
I will be invincible to all opposition
Not in my way is any failure

This floor of blood beneath my skin
Where my heart was plunged in
With a sword of grand eager
Crawls back into my hand deeper

Deeper and deeper into my nerve

My soul is burning for desire of knowing all that matters
The vast universe which never expires
Expanding from black matters
I hang my hand onto the skyline
My feet's down to the deepest abyss
I open my ears to catch the ancient signs
I close my eyes to see the blackest nothingness

We shall never feel
We shall never think
We shall never live
We shall never die

Aerial empty truth lies in secrets unrevealed
Desperately paralyzed and buried in catastrophe
I will see

This is where we close the eyes to see the infinite blackness
It's the time we expose the spirit of grand eager to the sky

Black Blossom

We pay for what's called desire
Desecrate brains defile us
No one runs from insanity
Ruinized, tainted eyes are open wide

They formed from wounds, the pariah
The black blossoms bloom
We're falling into the gravity
Rot, decay, fall
Descend to hell, death

Black sun emanates fear

Dark clouds gathering above us
Everything will perish, so now, comply with the new sign
There will be no rules but death

Discrepancy (Full-length, 2010)

1. A Stardust Tide (Instrumental)
2. Salvage
3. Down with the King
4. Hiss
5. Out of the Line
6. Polymorphism
7. (Saliva) Dance
8. The Gathering
9. Last Statement
10. Blindness
11. Forgotten Lives
12. W.L.H.C. (Hidden track)


Merciful dictators
Chosen ones who conquers
The incorruptible power that reign upon us, the savages
납작 엎드려 눈조차 마주치지 못하며 침묵속에 숨으면 편하지

Darkness, enlightenment
Blindness, and improvement
We see the illness
And we never repent

Feeble anarchy
People in discrepancy
All we roar when counting death tolls, the salvage
눈을 치뜨고 고개를 들어 주먹을 휘두르려는 순간 머리가 잘리더라도
Never lose your smile

Salvage yourself
Tonight, we are the nemesis

질서와 정의 중에서 넌 무엇을 택할것인가?

This dissension we face between what we need and we live for
The structure we hold has come to the time to be destroyed
We have shed so much blood

And we have shed skin and flesh
Life and death we stand in between
Devoured humanity and no shit will be given

We're gonna take the power that we've never, ever had
We'll take it back
We are the nemesis

Down with the King

Deceivers and the expecters
Down with the king

그 곳엔 진실도 없고 거짓도 없었다
왕은 소리를 피해 땅 속으로 들어갔다
Revolution required of those
Revolution, revolution required of those

물을 끌어들여 잠재우려 했으나
그 물이 스며들어 왕의 숨을 막았다

한번의 선택에 모든것을 걸었던 자들은
그것이 자신의 목을 조르자 당황했다
그것마저 숙명이라 여긴 자들은
왕과 함께 장렬히 죽기를 택했다

Kill the authority with no mercy
This night upon us is what we've summoned
Down with the king
Let you inside you, wanting a sage king
Who will rule your tiny world
Down with the king

Revolution, required of those
They needed revolution

After the great flood of the kingdom
I could see a stranger
Who survived and made himself the new truth

Revolution, required of those


In the end, nothing remains

Have you ever noticed
People put on faces smoldering crumbled, shattered
And somehow ironic wrath smiling
On rotting field under dying, decaying sun
Where they step on and pray for the one they beg for deliverance?

There's nothing like that

You see only what you want to see
You won't be free cause they won't set you free

What will you become?
What do you expect?
These wounds will not be healed

Have you ever noticed
The essence of life is buried
Under the enthusiasm for certainty or destiny
Of rotting field under dying, decaying sun
Where they step on and pray for the one they beg for deliverance?

There's nothing like that

What will you become? What do you expect?
What you will taste in the end is bitter sarcasm

Please remember this one thing and keep in mind
A false belief leads to eternal deafness

Out of the Line

Your sincere agony between the good and evil
What side are you gonna stand
That anguish, which torments and consumes your soul

Fuck it

선은 왜 선이고, 악은 왜 악인가
애초에 선과 악이 왜 갈라졌는가
그 사이에서 혼란스러워 할것인가
아니면 그 선에서 벗어날 것인가

Destroy that one-dimensional thinking

Fuck it, the world is black
Come on, get out of that fucking line

Every war
Every conflict
Every compromise
And every take-over

Everything is in a vicious cycle
The end is near

And the new beginning will come


My soul is polymorphous

Have you found yourself fitted in somewhere?
Your fierce, fractured, sticking out edges
And painstaking effort worth nothing
Have been making yourself feel transparent

The dark side and the bright side
And the mediocre grey shades of yours
I did face mine, and you're facing yours

You want to end this disorganization
You need to know there's no termination

With the shadow of confusion, you run
Get in the shade of fusion, you'll be one
Feel the collective nature of your inside

You can be anything, transform yourself
Choose your identity that fits with what surrounds you

Murder, havoc the border and nature of your older face

There's no denial, but only burial
I skipped over my various miseries to save my identities

Sometimes I look back to look for what I have become
I reshape myself to the surrounding and disguise to manipulate

Feel the polymorphous nature of your inside

(Saliva) Dance

It burns and so shine
We're running round and round watching it happily
Lightning strikes
Seems to be done a long before

We dance, we dance, we dance, we dance

Your saliva flies like an umbilical cord
It's like hanging around me
Beginning to choke my neck, I fall

Like a discarded baby in ancient Sparta
Only the pitiful eyeballs rolling
Witnessing the smoke of venom

Which we've been spitting for the longest time

지옥에도 우릴 위한 자리는 없어
이곳에 머물러서 춤이나 춰
너의 타액이 흩날리고 있어
나의 목에 감겨서 내 숨을 졸라

정답을 찾아봐도
찾을 수 없을걸
눈에 못이 박히도록 봐라
눈에 못을 박아버리겠다

Watch the condemned faces around us
In hell there's no single space for us
No space for us

No single space for us

Saliva dance will never end
The end's always about to come but never really comes

너의 춤이 나의 목을 졸라

The Gathering

Not a single word did they say
Not a tiny piece of reason could I see
What else would they pay
For giving up in horror and flee

Genocide of thoughts
Death for the infidels
We won't stop them
But watch them fall

부패, 부패
타락, 타락
신의 은총, 그것은 폭압 폭압
거짓속 그들은 해맑게 웃지

부패, 부패
타락, 타락
신의 은총, 그것은 폭압 폭압
망각속 우린 씁쓸히 웃지

Top of those, the concealed reign
The world under the name of equality
The holy cartel with a sublime mind
Please lead us in this illusion of sanity

Holy anathema
Obey the power
There's no goddamn chance to challenge them because they got fucking everything

Don't even lift up your frail eyes
There is no judgement
Since this is what he said, and they've got fucking trust

Deny, deny
In this night, we need to fight

You are not alone
United we stand
Against their fuckin con

We're gonna make this right
We'll go on our way
We'll struggle

Doubt is the key

A single thread of questioning is the cure for the deafness

너의 눈을 가리고 있는 그 장막을 걷어던지고 일어서
Jump into the sea of question, never ending uncertainty

Last Statement

Someday you will see the corruption of our spirit
A brave man cannot see the real darkness because it's darkness
Which we face everyday but never recognize
What's real is not real
Reality is behind the reality

Fake [x8]
Or believe it doesn't exist

The essence is never seen because it doesn't reflect
It only absorbs, it'll also absorb you
Don't have to search it because it is always with you
The connection can be acheived only by removing one's eyes

Eyes [x8]

Only by retards, like me

I open my eyes
I see nothing but you
From the reflection
Throw me stones and shout it to me

Everything's so hollow, empty inside
Try to reach the depth
Hear the sound of silence


시간을 섭취한 네 아집과 편협한 식견
더 넓고 높아진 시야. 넌 내려다 보지

하지만 넌 아무것도 아냐
나도 마찬가지야
공통적인 무지함속에
안뵈는걸 뵌다고 믿을 뿐

Time will show you such a little thing
You fell into blindness in time
Time will show you little thing
You fell into the blindness in time
, time

눈떠 성숙하려 하지만
그렇게 쉽진 않지
죽음에 가까워 지면
깨닫는 것도 좀 있어

There's your death

What difference does it make?
A little bit of respect is all I've got

존중과 복종
넌 후자를 전자로 포장
촌충의 갈고리처럼
넌 세월에 매달린다

시간의 족쇄에 묶여진 네발목
갇힌채 아집에 목매고 죽는것

Forgotten Lives

Our mere lives, our nameless souls

The flame inside my chest burns within the ring of brotherhood
All through the nest of the outrageous takeover, we ran to the woods
Divided and conquered, we're the forsaken
This pledge for the resistance shall never be mistaken

Forfeiture they deserve
Now you will face the mass demise
Departure of rapture
Now you'll see the real terror

There's no time we can waste in vain
The intense wrath demands the bloodshed again
Sacrificing our body and soul
Soon we shall rise again

From this day you'll tremble in the real terror

Sometimes I think about the eyes of him without fear or doubt
Only partial success, he had to pass away, but there was no regret
Despite the pain of the torture and the sword stained with death, he resisted
The smell and heat of blood and smoke was all hope we have

March on, brothers, to the burning motherland
Rescue the compatriots wandering in misery
Vengeance roars in the deepest true heart of her men
Flowers will feed on the blood spurting from your artery

Our mere lives, our nameless souls
At last they will forget

No return, there is no going back, no retreat
With the hands bathed with blood, we shall fight till the end

Kill them all
We're the terror

W.L.H.C. (Hidden track)

We live hardcore

Life is circle pit
Spiral of memories
Right now, as we speak
Destroy your agonies

We live hardcore
As we speak

The Mirror (EP, 2008)

1. Significant Defect
2. The Scent of Death
3. Brave
4. Manipulated Memories
5. Beside You
6. Crimson Tomorrow
7. Monarch

Significant Defect

Grand collapse, Divide
We encountered a crisis
We're in a deep shit
Lies, lies, lies, lies
I know your plan

이것은 예견된 미래, 돌이킬수 없는 어제
피흘리는 오늘, 피할 수 있었던 사이클

Here's the middle of land of living dead
Who's zombies and who's killing?

Is that a protest or a massacre?
Who's controlling and who's sacrificing?

... is a fucked up ideal concept
Watch your back and front
Way too strong enemies
We're too weak

이것은 예견된 미래, 돌이킬수 없는 어제
피흘리는 오늘, 피할 수 있었던 사이클

We're about to fall
We even don't know where we are (where we are)
We're about to divide
We even don't know who we fight (who we fight)

The significant defect is you

Is that a protest or a massacre?
Who's controlling and who's instigating?

There will be no regrets even if we die alone
Blind zombies will die for justice tonight

The Scent of Death

The scent of death
Inhale this air of death
Confront your death, it's in front of you
This place is full of death
Only fragments of death, which belong to you

구원을 외치는 자여
이 죽음의 냄새가 느껴지는가
죽음의 냄새는 공기의 냄새와 같아서
느끼진 못하지만 없으면 못산다

죽음의 냄새를 느껴봐
너의 집, 너의 직장, 너의 학교, 심지어는
너의 옆에 앉아있는 사람마저 죽음의 냄새를 내뿜고 있다

삶과 죽음이 종이 한장 차이라는 걸 생각해본 적 있나
너도 곧 죽을거야, 나도 곧 죽을거야
허나 누군가는 태어나고 죽음으로 삶이 있다

Inhale this scent
Can't you feel this scent of death surrounding you?
The distance between life and death is so close
So you let you die, which will bring new life

God doesn't provide salvation, even if there's god
Death always sneaks around you and takes you down the earth suddenly

"Greater love has no one than this, that he lays down his life for his friends.
You are my friends if you do what I command." (John 15:13-14)

You're gonna die, I'm gonna die
But someone's gonna see the light
So death brings life

The scent of death


Fire in my eyes burns your pain

Here comes the almighty in this world of evil
Here comes the Judgment

잠든 자들이여 일어나라
너의 심장에 불을 지펴라
자유와 진리는 용기있는 자만의 것이다
두려움을 벗삼아라

All against the odds, all against the lies

Face what's happening in here
Weren't you ignoring in fear?
Speak out what's in your mind
We've been shut up for so long

너의 뒤엔 내가 있다

In this fucking world of cowards
History is moving backwards
I've come to provoke ourselves
This is a time for veto

All against the fucking odds
All against the fucking lies
Never bend over to fucking liars
Show them the power of truth
Show no mercy
I'll make you brave

Manipulated Memories

수십년의 고난의 세월동안
모든것이 감추어지고 지워진 땅에서
손가락 사이로 물이 새어나오듯
서서히 드러나는 진실들의 흐름은
마치 강을 이루듯 거대해져만 간다

Truth, the truth's gone
But the memories are still alive in our broken souls

The memories are still alive in our broken souls
The manipulated memories are still alive in our broken souls

Your drastic effort to control the world
Made us shiver and barely left a trace

We remember that we knew but couldn't speak anything
'Cause we were alive but dead
In these skulls and bloodstains
The truth is still crying for judgement and justice and freedom of speech

Beside You

Sickest day, when you were fallen on the ground
Things beside you were your bleeding comrade and dreaming cold body

Transparent beasts and shapeless monsters ate all the lights and thoughts
Darkness dominated, the evil took all

The first rule of winning was
"Stab before you get stabbed"

We've got only one shot, stab before you get stabbed
I am beside you, and you're beside me
Thrust their belly and let our friends rest in peace
Thrust their flesh and guts
Let their blood soak my face

Darkest day, when you were fallen on the ground
Things beside you were your bleeding comrade and rotting swollen body

Lifeless meaning and meaningless life
We're in a swamp of blood, oh swamp of blood
Kill or be killed in this swamp of blood, this swamp of blood
A friend becomes an enemy, an enemy remains as the enemy
I'm beside you, and you're beside me

Crimson Tomorrow

Beginning of disaster
Marching of the deads from seven times of the pain under
Insanity, ignorance, and pain summoned them, which make the perfection

Devil's night comes, sun goes down
Shedding blood, shedding blood
Dead men walking, dead men walking
Tomorrow is crimson

Ashes of pain cover the ground
Panic spreads out whole world
Dragging us to three decades ago
(Revival of the age)
Depletion of mind, death of thoughts, philosophy exterminated
No salvation, here, advent of the sorrow

World is on fire
Forest turns into river of cyanide came from greedy masturbation
Fog in my eyes becoming flames
Angels and devils in disguise
Just wandering in fear

Wake up the dead
This is the end, the end

Age of sorrow
Innocence falls to ground
No salvation

Wake up the dead


Our precious blood, our own royality
It's our pride, dignity
We must keep our monarch

무엇으로 살았나
코앞만 보고 살았나
우리의 인생에 빛은 있었나
인생의 전쟁터에 너의 힘은 무엇이었나

우린 주인이었나
인생을 지배해왔나
그저 파도에 휩쓸려온건가
인생의 바다에서 너의 꿈은 무엇이었나

We must dominate our lives, we must dominate this fucking world
All things should be under our decisive power
Our dreams, our wish, our success depend on ourselves
Take your pride and dignity, take your arms and bullets in your hands

넌 긍지가 있나
네 눈은 살아있는가
살아남기위한 의지가 있는가
인생의 가시밭길 너 자신은 무엇이었나

To keep monarch

Our drowning monarch
We must save him from a ditch, we must reinstate him
Our dying monarch
We must feed our pride and dignity to him

Our dignity is our power to lead our lives
To keep dignity is our lifelong obligation
Can you hear that stern order commanded by him
We must follow monarch, and we must obey our own monarch

Keep monarch